We offer a wide range of products, suitable for a balanced diet, covering several food categories. Our consumers can have at any moment of the day and in each season of the year, a wide selection of:

  • vegetables (Edenia, Farm Frites)
  • fish (Edenia, Azuris)
  • dairy (Gruia, Akadia, Philadelphia, President, Oldenburger, Milram)
  • meat (Edenia, Casa Gruia)
  • ready meals (Edenia, Casa Gruia, Dr. Oetker)
  • bakery and pastry products (Edenia, La Lorraine)
  • desserts (La Lorraine, Dr. Oetker)
  • ice cream (Corso, La Strada, Snickers)


A diverse menu, suitable for all the day’s meals, that supports a healthy living.

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